Personal Training

Whether you need to boost your regular training, change things up or you have a specific goal in mind at All Sorts we have a variety of personal trainers with different areas of expertise and knowledge who will be able to help you..

Personal Training (PT) is great for both beginners and those who would like to ‘shake-up’ their gym routine. If you are just getting started again or are new to the gym a personal trainer can advise you on what to include in your regular program and how to achieve the results you are looking for.
Having a personal trainer is also a sure fire way to increase your motivation! With a personal trainer, you are accountable to someone… and sometimes, there’s nothing more motivating that having someone to answer to!

There are many options for personal training, and you are in charge – you can choose your trainer, the frequency and the duration of your sessions.
Your personal trainer will, together with you, design a program suited to your specific needs and ensure that it fits into your busy lifestyle. Your trainer will keep you motivated, focused on your goals and inspired to achieve whatever results you are looking for.

To read a little bit more about the personal trainers we have at all sorts, please click through to their bios on the sub-menu above.

Our PT’s can do the following for you:

  • motivate you and keep you focused on you goals
  • help you make the best use of your exercise time;
  • improve your technique (efficiency and safely);
  • monitor your progress;
  • adjust your exercise program in response to your changing fitness level;
  • offer sound advice on your health and lifestyle choices;
  • and best of all you will see improvements and results!



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