5 Step Member Care Plan

At All Sorts Fitness we are committed to our members, and as part of the All Sorts experience we have developed a comprehensive Member Care Program. This five step process will set you on the right path with your training and also provide you the ongoing motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. Best of all it is FREE to all members!


The Member Care Program will commence with a baseline health and fitness assessment and goal setting discussion about what it is you want to achieve for your health and fitness. This will be followed up by a gym induction to get you started straight away.


Your trainer will then spend some time designing your own tailored fitness program based on your results from your baseline health and fitness profile and goals you want to achieve. Once the trainer has finalised the program they will invite you in to take you through the program in a one on one setting in the gym. This is a great opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with your new program and ask any questions you may have.


Your trainer will take you through a further personal training session based on your program. This is a session where you can learn further from your trainer to ensure you are both happy with what you are doing and to again ask any questions you may have.


A few weeks into your program a member of our team will contact you to ensure you are on track and getting what you expected from your membership with us.


Every 8-10 weeks your trainer will book you in to review your baseline assessment, conduct any re-testing and adjust your program accordingly.

All Sorts Gym is committed to providing you the best membership experience as possible and want you to know that your success is our success!