A gym about people, about you, about community.

Located in the historic Wyong Milk Factory, All Sorts Wyong offers members a beautiful space to train, overlooking the Wyong River, with both indoor and outdoor facilities. While All Sorts Wyong boasts a wonderful range of gym equipment, we are most proud of our people—our staff, our members, their friends and family.

Our aim is to make a friendly space where you can improve your fitness and begin to feel great. We believe that if you love coming to the gym, you’ll come more often, which is great for your overall health and vitality.

Our team of expert trainers and staff can help you to learn how to properly use the equipment and keep you on track to reach your fitness goals. With loads of knowledge and a willingness to help you, our team is here to support you on your journey to a more active and balanced life.

All the facilities you could ever need, and a friendly team to guide you.

There really are all sorts of fitness options, for all sorts of ages, at All Sorts Wyong. You can work out in the gym, attend a group fitness class, use our Boxing areas, enjoy one-on-one personal training, or even hire a kayak or boat and take in the great outdoors. If you’ve got little ones, our child-minding facilities will give you peace of mind as you work out.

Whatever your fitness needs, you will find them taken care of at All Sorts Wyong.