Thursday, 7th April, 2016

Team of the month – April

This month we would like to thank the NSW Floorball team for their ongoing support with All Sorts. They have been with us for 3 years and hold all their major tournaments at Indoor. They continue to grow as an association playing tournaments every Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to NSW Floorball we have had the privilege of the Australian Floorball team train out of All Sorts.
With Floorball NSW recently starting junior floorball comps at All Sorts it is an exciting time for All Sorts and NSW Floorball. We are expecting big things to happen in the future…



What is Floorball?

Floorball is an innovative new sport that is quickly spreading across the world. Floorball is a fast paced indoor sport that blends the greatest elements of ice hockey with some characteristics also found in soccer and basketball.

Floorball is an indoor sport with five field players and one goalie on each team. Each field player usually has a light carbon graphite stick, which is about 3 feet long. The ball is 3 inches in diameter, white, and made of plastic. The ball is hollow and to make it light there are 26 little holes on the sides and weight only 23 grams.

The Floorball court is similar to an ice-hockey rink but smaller, 120 feet x 60 feet with 20-inch sideboards. There is a goal at each end, which is guarded by a goalie without a stick. The goalie sits on their knees and is able to touch the ball over any part of the court as long as they have one part of their body in the goal area.

What do I need to get started?

Aside from comfortable, breathable gym wear and low sitting rubber soled shoes (please no black soles, as they leave marks on the playing field) you’ll also need a graphite/carbon fibre stick.

(It is not a prerequisite to own a stick upon commencement. Players have spares and are willing to lend them temporarily to help get you started)

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started is by contacting:

[email protected] or (02) 9469 5654

[email protected]